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Coyote Abrasives, aka Aries Coyote, Inc., is owned and operated by Bruce Torrance, inventor of the original water-driven polisher, the HYDRO-TORQUE. Bruce has over 30 years’ experience formulating specialty cement coatings for the swimming pool industry. His innovations include Florida Gem Finish®, Diamond Brite®, Hydrazzo®, and Hydro-Stone pool finishes.

In 1988, Bruce introduced colored quartz aggregate technology to the pool industry and developed the techniques used today in color aggregate installations and exposure.

The phenomenal growth of exposed aggregate surfaces prompted the need for a tool specifically designed to remove roughness, stains, and splotches on pool surfaces. Bruce invented the HYDRO-TORQUE in 1993 and the many subsequent variations brought to market since that time. Water driven tools have proven indispensable worldwide since their introduction.


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